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Health and Safety
Axess Scaffolding safety approach and processes

Health and safety is a significant factor in any building environment, with scaffolding playing a major part in most projects. Properly designed scaffolding conforming to current guidelines, erected correctly, used in a responsible way and well maintained will protect workers, visitors and the general public. At Axess Scaffolding we undestand these issues.

With Axess Scaffolding health and safety is taken seriously, good scaffolding is about being safe:

  • Our staff are trained to SG4:05 guidelines
  • We have our own safety policy, available to customers on request
  • Our equipment conforms to the current regulations and guidelines
  • Our services are conducted in a safe manner
  • The safefy of the general public, our customers and our own staff are all important to us. .

How we carry out our safety responsibilities:

  • The health and safety risks will be assessed during our site survey. This will consider cables, pipes, holes in the ground, in fact any hazard.
  • A risk assessment will be developed followed by a method statement, taking account of the customer's safety policy and the safety of the general public
  • To observe safety issues on site when we are erecting or dismantling scaffolding
  • To monitor and carry out safety checks on the scaffolding at regular intervals
  • Resolution of any identified safety issues in consultation with the customer. Situations on site can and do change from when our site survey was carried out.

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